Kewlus PRO Spring Cobra Punching Bag Community

Kewlus PRO Spring Cobra Punching Bag Community

This is the Kewlus PRO Spring Community page, where you can share your experience with the Kewlus PRO Spring and see how others have set it up.

To share your photo or video with comments, simply post it on Instagram and tag it with #kewlusprospring. You can see how others have made this cobra bag by searching this tag on Instagram.

If you post it on YouTube, let me know through the Contact page and I will embed it below.

You can also comment below - ask questions or answer questions that others have asked. Let's do this!

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Hey Justin, to share please post on Instagram with #kewlusPROspring.
@2viciousboxinghandscomingtoknockuout – regarding speed, the fewer coils that are active the faster it becomes – HOWEVER please make sure to have at LEAST 4 coils active or the spring may be damages (bent). Leaving 5-6 active coils is probably ideal and it doesn’t matter at which end of the spring.
Hey Brock, regarding using an umbrella base, you will need something more solid to wedge instead of pool noodles – try a rubber flip-flop or something similar. You can also wrap tape around the pipe that goes in so that there’s minimal gap.


Waiting for my spring to arrive , made a pretty awesome bag with pipe insulation. Is there a way to share photos?

Justin Albritton

Hey Reedy, what is the difference in adjusting speed of the cobra bag by lowering the spring on the mast or the top pole?


I have a question I have chosen to use the umbrella base since that works best for me but the pole still moves with a pool noodle in it


Leave a comment! I did!


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