Cobra Bag Training: Jab Tips for Beginners

Cobra Bag Training: Jab Tips for Beginners

The Cobra Bag will help you develop a jab with greater accuracy and speed, longer range and perfect timing. Watch the video and follow the basic guidelines below to set yourself on the right path to achieving an effective jab.

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Set the Speed/Height and Check Inflation Level

If you're new to training with the cobra bag, set the top section to the longest setting, thus slowing down the oscillation of the ball as much as possible. Before starting your training session check that the ball is at chin level height when standing up straight next to it. Adjust the height at the bottom if needed.

Important: at the start of every training session make sure to check that the cobra bag ball is well inflated and is nice and firm. Top it up with a hand pump if needed (do not use an air compressor).

Use a Timer

Use a timer on your phone to time your sessions. Start with 2-minute rounds and 30-second breaks. Try starting with 3 rounds per session, and increase the number of rounds as your cardio improves over time.

Stance & Positioning

Your stance should be well balanced with your feet wide apart, knees bent and your front foot pointing towards the target. Your leading glove should be slightly out in front. Your back glove should be glued to your chin. Keep your elbows tucked in.

Position yourself at a distance from the ball where you are able to just touch the ball with your leading arm fully extended. Try not to get too close to the ball. Make sure you have plenty of space behind you. The idea is to develop longer range with your jabs, so that you can strike at lightning speed from a greater distance.

Focus on Technique

When you're first learning it's especially important to focus on technique rather than speed and power of your punches. Slow everything down as much as possible by setting the slowest speed on your cobra bag (longest top section setting) and slowing down your movement. Even after you feel that you have become proficient with your technique, it is still a good idea to spend at least one session each week just focussing on technique.

Also try practicing in front on a mirror so that you can keep an eye on your own technique.

Here are a few key technical things to focus on with your jab:

  • Extend your arm fully when throwing the jab and keep your chin down close to the shoulder of your jabbing arm. To increase speed, keep your jabbing glove slightly further out.
  • Turn the glove inward as you put out the jab.
  • Don't pull back the glove prior to throwing the jab as that will telegraph your punch.
  • Throw the jab directly out and directly back along the same path. Focus on not lowering your jabbing hand at any stage.

Switch Stance

Make sure to switch your stance to practice the jab with your other hand. You will likely discover that you're better with one side. Don't let that discourage you to switch sides, and aim to be equally good with either side. It will allow you to build both of your shoulders and other muscle groups equally. It will also allow one arm to rest by your chin while working the other arm during intense jab training sessions. You could switch half-way through a round (or when your glove starts to drop from fatigue) or do one round per side if you can manage it.

Move Around

Movement is key to training with the cobra bag. Try staying light on your toes and moving side-to-side and in-and-out while staying balance with your feet apart.

As you get better maintaining good technique, increase the speed on notch at a time and practice being fast and agile.

Have Fun

The cobra bag is a fun way to stay fit because it is so interactive. Regular sessions will keep your body and mind in great shape - they have definitely helped me do that.

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