KS3 Spring Cobra Bag Core Kit

Want to get the KS3 Spring as a core kit? This is the bundle for that. Just add Sandbags if you need them.

PVC Pipe Cobra Bag Bundle

Make a PVC Pipe Cobra Bag!

The Kewlus PVC Pipe Cobra bag is a Semi-DIY cobra bag, which is extremely easy to make, but makes for one hell of a fast action cobra bag!

Full Instructions

Top Section Module/Bundle

Make Your Own Base!

Save yourself some cash by ordering just the Top Section Module/Bundle and make the base using a standard plumbing pipe, flange and a baseboard...

Full Instructions

Bottom Section Module/Bundle

Make Your Own Top Section

Want to have a super fast cobra bag that never deflates? Check out these instructions that include making the top section of the cobra bag using a 3/4 inch PVC pipe and pool noodles!

Full Instructions

Buy The Spring and Make the Rest!