Cobra Bag Boxing/MMA Platform DIY

Cobra Bag Boxing/MMA Platform DIY

If you want a low profile base for your cobra bag that you can use on carpet or any other type of floor without drilling holes into the floor, then a boxing platform like this is your ideal solution.

Key Advantages:

  • Super stable - using a 4 foot wide and 1/2 inch thick plywood for the sub-base, then a 2 foot wide MDF board for the central baseboard, the platform will be super stable.
  • No need for weights.
  • Low profile - no weights at the base means you can place your front foot right next to the mast of the cobra bag. This is great for close up fighter training, such as elbow strikes where you need to get up close to your target.
  • No need for weights.
  • Easy to slide away under a couch or a bed when not in use.
  • Great for small children, especially if used with the shortened version of the KS3 Cobra Bag.

What You Need:

  • Kewlus KS3 Cobra Bag Core Kit
  • Plywood for the sub-base. Ideally 4 feet in width/length and 1/2 inch thick.
  • MDF or chipboard for the central baseboard. Ideally 2 feet in width/length and 1/2 inch thick.
  • 2 x cheap yoga mats or similar to cover the surface.
  • 8 x 1.5 inch long countersunk wood screws
  • Liquid Nails (glue)

How To Make It

Before you start, make sure to watch the instructional video below all the way to the end. Please note that in the video I used a small, round MDF baseboard - a larger baseboard, such as 2 feet in width would be better and would make the platform more rigid.

First mark the center of each side of your plywood so that you can position your baseboard centrally and glue it in place using Liquid Nails glue. Place some heavy weights on top of the baseboard and leave it overnight - I drove one of my car wheels onto it for the weight!

Glue the yoga mats over the whole thing to cover it all. Place some weights all over it to cover the whole area (I used books) and leave overnight. Leave a slight overhang, but cut off any major excess. If you will be using it on tiles or a wood floor you can tuck the excess and stick it to the underside for some grip on the floor. You could even glue the leftovers on the underside, dispersed evenly.

Once your platform is ready, locate the centre and using the Multi Base as your template, pre-drill pilot holes for the screws. Make sure to use a very thin drill bit that is thinner than the core of your screws.

Finally screw the Multi Base to the platform, making sure not to overtighten the screws as they could strip out the holes.

Watch The Video

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