KS3 Cobra Bag Spring Maintenance Guide

KS3 Cobra Bag Spring Maintenance Guide

The KS3 Cobra Bag Spring is the third generation Kewlus Spring designed to be used as part of the Kewlus Cobra Bag Kit. This spring can also be used in a DIY cobra bag since the inner diameter of the connectors perfectly match a standard 3/4 inch pipe (either galvanised or PVC type). Here are some simple tips on keeping your KS3 Spring in top shape.

Spring Flex & Straightening

The spring itself is made from a special type of steel that resists breaking when flexing. When great lateral forces are applied to it, rather than break it may slightly bend. If you find the spring is slightly bent to one side after a hard session, simply flex it to about 90 degrees in the opposite direction to straighten.

Locking The Screw-In Connectors

The red connectors at the ends of the spring are screwed into the spring and locked in place by a type of adhesive during manufacture. Keep an eye on these and check them at the end of each session. If either one of them becomes loose and starts to unscrew, use an epoxy glue to lock it back into place - here's a video on how to do this: https://youtu.be/YemJwv-ej-4.

Steel Maintenance

While the connectors are alloy and will not rust, the spring itself is made from steel and if scratched and exposed to the elements (if using it outdoors) can start to corrode. If you do notice any scratches, simply use some black metal paint to paint over the scratches and that will protect it and extend its life.

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