How To Increase the Height of the Kewlus Cobra Bag

How To Increase the Height of the Kewlus Cobra Bag

The height range of the cobra bag is roughly 4'8 (143 cm) - 5'7 (171 cm) from the floor to the top of the bag when using a 1.5 inch thick baseboard. In the shortened form (KS3 Spring plugged directly into the Multi Base), the height range is roughly 3'3 (100 cm) - 3'7 (110 cm). The shortened version is ideal for small kids or for mounting upside-down from the ceiling or horizontally on a wall.

If you're over 6 foot tall and need to increase the height, there are two ways of doing that:

Option 1: Make a Taller/Thicker Baseboard

By making a taller/thinker baseboard you would effectively increase the total height of the cobra bag. There are some other benefits as well, such as reduced footprint and increase base weight. Check it out:

Option 2: Make a Longer Bottom Click Bar

Because the Kewlus cobra bag is DIY compatible with standard 3/4 inch plumbing pipes, the other solution is to make a longer bottom Click Bar. What you need is a custom length of 3/4 inch galvanised pipe (1.05 inches outer diameter) to replace the bottom Click Bar which you can get from most plumbing or hardware stores.

The video below shows you how it's done:

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