How To Make a Boxing Spar Bar

How To Make a Boxing Spar Bar


Now you can make a boxing spar bar that performs better than the commercial ones for just a fraction of the cost. All you need are some plumbing pipes and a flange, a pool noodle (or pipe insulation foam), a small ball bearing and a couple of hose clamps. If you've already made the Kewlus PRO Spring cobra bag, then you already have a compatible base!

Check out this video for how to put it together and to see it in action:

Items You Will Need & Options:

  • Mast: To make up the mast for your spar bar you'll need a set of plumbing pipes: 1 inch (25mm) base pipe (floor to mid thigh length) and a 1 inch (25mm) flange; 3/4 inch (20mm) pipe roughly the same length; and 1/2 inch (15mm) pipe also roughly the same length. You'll also need two reducing couplings to connect the 3/4 inch pipe to the 1 inch pipe and the 1/2 inch pipe to the 3/4 inch pipe. The total length of your mast should come up to about nose level.
  • Ball Bearing: You'll need to get a ball bearing that has a 1 inch (or 25mm) inner diameter to fit onto a 1/2inch pipe. You can get a pair of these on Amazon USA here:
  • PVC Pipe: For the arm get a 3/4 inch (20mm) PVC pipe. You'll need about 20 inches of it. 
  • Base Board: For the base board I recommend using a 3/4 inch (or 16mm) MDF board or chip board. You need to get at least 2 foot x 2 foot board.
  • Nuts & Bolts: You'll need a set of 4 x 5/16 or M8 nuts and bolts long enough to bolt your 1 inch flange to your board.
  • Suction Cup Base (optional): I use a suction cup base in all of my latest builds because it's small, rock solid and is easy to setup and put away. You can even set it up on carpet by simply using two laminated chip boards and have the suction cup base connecting the two. Refer to the following page for the instructions on how to make it:
  • Duct tape: You'll need some wide duct tape or electrical tape - the stretchy type.
  • Pool Noodle: You'll need one pool noodle or a section of pipe insulation foam if you can't get a pool noodle.
  • Hose clamps: You'll need one hose clamp to clamp around the ball bearing: 29-44mm (Amazon USA:, and a smaller hose clamp to clamp around the 3/4 inch PVC pipe: 17-32mm (Amazon USA:
  • Ball and Plunger (optional): To help dampen the vibrations I recommend attaching a ball to the top of your spar bar. For this get a small rubber plunger and a cheap ball. If you want the PRO look, get the Kewlus leather speedball and watch the video to see how to set it up.

5-Step Instructions:

  1. Set up your mast and base by joining all of your galvanised pipes and bolting the flange to the centre of your MDF board. The total length of your mast should reach roughly to your nose. If you want to make a suction cup base, follow the instructions in this video:
  2. Interlink your two hose clamps and clamp the larger one onto the ball bearing and the smaller one onto your PVC pipe. The ideal length for your PVC pipe is about 30 inches. Position the ball bearing about 10 inches from one end, so you'll have 10 inches on one side and 20 inches on the other.
  3. Cut off about 14 inches of pool noodle and thread it onto the longer side of your PVC pipe. Cut a short, 7 inches pool noodle section to go onto the shorter side of the PVC pipe.
  4. From the remaining PVC pipe cut 2 inches of pipe that will be used for mounting your ball bearing onto the mast - watch the video to see how to do this.
  5. This step is optional, but will help dampen the vibration of the bar. Attach a rubber plunger head to a ball and mount it onto the top of your mast. Watch the video for details.
Good luck making it and hope you enjoy!

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Gee your clever reedy . I have been improvising with wing chung dummies etc.
Love all your videos.


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