How To Make a Cobra Bag That Never Needs Pumping

How To Make a Cobra Bag That Never Needs Pumping

Update: you can now order the AIR-FREE cobra bag ball which never need pumping!

Most Cobra Bags use an inflatable ball which which needs to be topped up with air every few days. There are some tricks for reducing air leakage, such as wetting the inflation needle whenever you inflate it. But what if you wanted to have a cobra bag that you never need to inflate? Well, you can make one!

In the video below I take you through the process of making a "Pump Free" DIY Cobra Bag.

Key Items:

  • Kewlus Multi Base & Click Mast - this will form your base. I have designed these components to be compatible with standard plumbing pipes for DIY projects like this one.
  • 3/4 inch PVC pipe - sold at most plumbing or hardware stores, this flexible pipe is manufactured worldwide using a standard outer diameter of 1.05 inches (26.7mm). This pipe should slide perfectly into the Click Mast, giving you simple height adjustment. To ensure that you get the right size pipe I recommend taking the Click Mast to the hardware store with you. For the length you need a pipe that comes up to roughly your chin from the floor. You can always cut it down to size at home with a serrated knife.
  • Pool Noodle - I'm using a 5 foot long, 2.5 inches thick noodle with a hole in the centre.
  • Wide Duct Tape - the stretchy stuff

Base Options:


Watch the video for the details, here are the key steps:

  • Set up your base. If you're using a baseboard, screw the Multi Base to the centre of it, insert the Click Bar and secure it with the steel clamp that comes with the Multi Base. Place the sandbags and/or other weights onto the board to make a stable platform.
  • Make the ball from the pool noodle by following my instructions in the video.
  • Insert the PVC pipe with the DIY ball into the Click Mast and check the height. Trim the bottom of the PVC pipe if needed.
  • Drill an 8mm hole about 2.5 inches from the bottom of the PVC pipe.
  • Optional - insert an 8mm push button into the bottom holes.
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