Tim Tszyu Trains with the Kewlus Cobra Bag

Tim Tszyu Trains with the Kewlus Cobra Bag

One of my proudest moments this year has been meeting Tim Tszyu in my hometown and seeing him train with my Kewlus Cobra Bag prior to his world title fight with Brian Mendoza. Tim calmly destroyed Mendoza in the ring while avoiding getting hit.

Tszyu Destroys Mendoza

Aside from Tim's power and dominance in the ring, I noticed a refined level of skill in his defence. He often switched from high guard to the Philly Shell and deployed it with amazing level of confidence.

Even though Brian Mendoza is a top level and highly respected fighter with plenty of his own punching power, I could see many of his punches were simply not able to find their mark on the day.

Tim Tszyu Deploying the Philly ShellYou could just see the frustration on Mendoza's face as he threw punches into empty space on many occasions.

Mendoza Unable to Hit Tszyu

Tszyu dodges punches from Mendoza

After the fight Tim had barely a scratch on him, while Mendoza had to wear sunglasses in post fight interview to cover all the bruising on his face.

Yes, Tim's explosive punching power and dominance in the ring is undoubtedly what makes him the powerhouse that he is and why he is so entertaining to watch. However his defensive skills have placed him on a level where he can calmly and methodically take his opponent apart while avoiding getting hit.

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