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Air-Free Cobra Bag Ball

Air-Free Cobra Bag Ball

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As the name suggests, the Air-Free Cobra Bag Ball never needs pumping. It's always firm and ready to go whenever you are! It incorporates the Kewlus Adapter so that you just click it onto the top Click Bar (or Red Bar) of your Kewlus Cobra Bag and you're away - no setup is required.

Ideal Use

I designed the Air-Free Ball light defensive work. It's slightly heavier than than the genuine leather balls and thus has greater momentum.  It's ideal for a light workout on the go when you don't have time to top up your air-based ball with air.

This ball is best for light jabs and combos. It's not designed to take heavy, loaded punches because it does not have a tough outer skin. For power punches please use a leather cobra bag ball like the Max Power Genuine Leather Ball.

Spring Compatibility

Being a heavier ball, the ideal spring for it is the KS3 Spring, which has the power (and special type of steel) to handles the extra weight. I don't recommend using the AIR-FREE ball with the KS2 Spring as the KS2 is not rated for heavier loads.

Note: Possible Air Bubble

Please be aware that a number of balls in the current batch have been reported to have a defect, that being an air bubble inside that causes the ball to split upon first use. Although I tested many prototype balls, it was not possible for me to test every single ball that came off the production line. If this happens to your ball, please contact me and I will refund or replace it immediately.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

This cobra bag and all your accessories are absolutely outstanding! Thank you!

David S.
Kewlus Air-Free Cobra Bag

The Air-Free bag is a great add-on for developing a stronger punch. It's a little slower and heavier to hit. Feels more like hitting something solid and good for developing the hands and arms. Due to my work and schedule I use not only boxing gloves, sometimes MMA gloves and even my bare fists a few minutes here and there as I pass by the Reflex Cobra Bag. My home and work place are the same space.


The bag split already,I’m the only one that ever use it ,& I don’t work on it every day. I have 8 different bags that I alternate & work on. That was one expensive rip off , cheaply made product

Hi Keith, sorry about the bag splitting. I just need you to email me a photo and I'll either refund you or send you a replacement. I have emailed you several times, but have not received a reply from you. Please check your emails and get back to me so I can sort it out for you.