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KS2 Cobra Bag - Freestanding

KS2 Cobra Bag - Freestanding

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The Kewlus Cobra Bag is the world's first modular cobra bag capable of customisationsadd-ons, upgrades and DIY integrations. The KS2 Freestanding Set is ideal for those who want to try out cobra bag training at minimal cost and to be able to easily move it as it includes the Platform Paddles and Sandbags. The KS2 Spring can always be upgraded to the KS3 at a later stage as you progress and want more speed and power.

What's Included in the KS2 Cobra Bag - Freestanding

The KS2 Cobra Bag Freestanding Set includes the following:

  • Max Speed SF Cobra Bag Ball, designed for speed and a clean look. Being lightweight, it makes this ball the ideal companion to the KS2 Spring;
  • Kewlus Cobra Ball Adapter (V2), designed to be used with most speed balls but is the perfect match for the Kewlus Cobra Ball. One unique feature that's not found on other cobra bags is it allows the user to extend the length of the top section, thus increasing the reach of the cobra bag.
  • 2 x Kewlus Click Bars - one goes above the spring and one below. These are made from light, yet strong aluminium which will not rust, with dual push buttons at each end. They are a key part of the modular click-and-go system.
  • Kewlus Spring (KS2) is the 2nd generation Kewlus spring that fits onto the Click Bars and is also compatible with 3/4 inch pipes for DIY setups.
  • Kewlus Spring End Covers (set of 2) - these are rubber covers designed to screw onto the ends of the spring. They are designed to lock each Click Bar in place, making it easy to replace the spring at any time.
  • Kewlus Click Mast - designed to simply click into the Multi Base for quick and easy removal and storage of the cobra bag. Made out of strong aluminium it will never rust. The bottom Click Bar simply slips into this mast and clicks in place at the desired height, giving you a height adjustable cobra bag suitable for both kids as young as 8 and adults as tall as 6 foot.
  • Kewlus Multi Base - super strong, minimalistic base made from composite fibre. It's designed to be used in multiple ways, such as with a baseboard, with Platform Paddles, with Suction Cup Handles or simply bolted to the floor. It comes with a stainless steel clamp for the collar to lock the mast in place for the ultimate rigidity.
  • Platform Paddles (V2) - these second generation Paddles are now wider and stronger. They come with 4 screws to screw them into the Multi Base and most importantly a central locking screw and nut to lock them all together at the center of the base.
  • Kewlus Sandbags - these come as a set of 2, and are specifically designed to have the right capacity, so that when fully filled with sand or gravel they will give you enough weight for a stable platform. For extra weight I recommend using a plastic bag liner and filling them with wet sand.

The height range of the cobra bag is roughly 4'5 (134 cm) - 5'4 (163 cm) from the floor to the top of the bag. This range can be extended for taller people through a customisation:

Optional Accessories & Add-Ons

Check out the Accessories section for optional accessories and add-ons such as:

  • Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves - grab a pair of these genuine leather boxing gloves to get the most from your cobra bag training sessions;
  • Hand Wraps - use a pair of handwraps to absorb the sweat and protect not just your hands, but your gloves as well.
  • Suction Cups (Limited/Varied Usage) - these come as a pair and can be used on painted concrete flooring, such as in a garage to hold down the Base as a possible alternative to the Platform Paddles. They can be also used for mounting the shortened version of the cobra bag on a vertical surface. Please note that these suctions cups do not work on all surfaces, and even on smooth tiles are likely to dislodge with heavy punches. I cannot guarantee that they will work on the surface that you choose. Failure to stick to your floor or wall surface does not qualify for a refund. See the Suction Cups product page for set-up instructions and a demonstration video.

Assembly & Optimisation

Make sure to check out the Kewlus Cobra Bag assembly instructions and optimum setup tips: How To Set Up Your Cobra Bag Kit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Overall happy with the purchase. Wish the action was faster, but overall happy.

Thank you Henry. You can now upgrade to the new KS3 Spring to make your cobra bag faster!

Rayshawn L.
The fastest cobra bag

It is definitely one of the fastest COBRA bags I’ve had . I’ve had ringside and title cobra bags also Amazon cobra for $260 dollar and the do not compare. It’s easy to take on the go to going to order more for gym

Loved it

Got it few months ago
Loved how it works, everything in the package is made with high quality materials
Really had fun with this Cobra bag !!!

Logan K.

Been using Reedy’s cobra bag for the better part of a couple weeks. The mobility of the kit and the way it breaks down makes it easy to transport from home to the gym. Absolutely pleased with the price and quality of the build. The speed and rebound is perfect and overall has exceeded my expectations. Ive recommended this product to several people already!