How To Set Up Your KS3 Cobra Bag Kit

How To Set Up Your KS3 Cobra Bag Kit

Congratulations on getting your hands on the KS3 Cobra Bag Kit and thank you for your support in doing so! I'll take you through the setup process from the bottom up, starting with the base. Please ensure to wear protective gear when training and read the KS3 Spring Maintenance Guide before getting started.

Setting Up Your Base

The base is the most crucial component and setting it up properly will ensure that your cobra bag performs at its best. There are 5 ways to set up the base, depending on the add-ons you have purchased.

1. Screwed to the Floor

If you have an option to be able to screw the Multi Base to a floor, such as a concrete garage floor or a wood deck outside, this would be the cleanest and sturdiest option. Not only will it give you the best rigidity, but there would also be no sandbags to have to step around.

For a concrete floor you will need to drill out 8 holes, using the Multi Base as a template and insert plugs to match the size of your screws. For the screws I recommend using 1.5 inch long, countersunk screws.

2. Platform Paddles + Sandbags

The Paddles are the easiest to set up - simply plug them into the Multi Base and secure them with the central bolt and screws that come with it. The only tricky part is securing the central bolt - do this by: first plugging in two of the paddles; then position the bolt loosely done up; then plug in the remaining two paddles; and finally tighten the bolt using a screwdriver.

Please note that you will need the V2 Paddles if using the KS3 Spring, which are wider and more rigid than the original version.

The sandbags have been designed to provide a total weight of 90 pounds when filled to capacity with sand or gravel. I recommend using gravel, or if using sand place a large garbage bag inside the sandbags to prevent any seepage. You can also add extra weights on top for extra rigidity of the base.

3. Baseboard + Sandbags

The baseboard option for the base is my favourite option and one I highly recommend for the KS3 Cobra Bag. Making a 1.2 - 1.5 inch thick, 2 foot-wide baseboard will give you a stable and rigid base. Secure the Multi Base to the baseboard using 8 x 1.5 inch countersunk wood screws. For more details check out the Baseboard DIY page.

The best material to use for your baseboard is an MDF board (chipboard or particle board will also work). If you can't get a thick enough board, simply glue two thinner boards together using liquid nails (type of glue used in construction).

If you don't want to go to the trouble of making a baseboard, you could always get a local carpenter/handyman/cabinet maker to knock one up for you for a small fee.

4. Boxing Platform

Although a little bulkier than a baseboard, the Boxing Platform option is one of my favourite setups. It's the next best thing to screwing the Multi Base to the floor. This is a very low profile solution, which will allow you to get right up close to the cobra bag without bumping into sandbags or other weights. This setup is also ideal for small children as they can step up close to the bag.

Watch the video below for details on how to make such a platform and also to see it in action:

5. Suction Cups

The Suction Cups option is also one of my favourites, although it works only on a smoothly painted surface such as a painted garage floor (and some tiled surfaces). The suction cups are great for the shortened version of the cobra bag and ideal for small children due to their low profile.

Inserting & Securing the Click Mast

The Click Mast has been designed to have a fairly tight fit when going into the Multi Base. This is to achieve the greatest rigidity. Once you have set up your base, you can use a screwdriver through the top pair of holes in the Click Bar to help you leverage and force it into the Multi Base, twisting it until the bottom push buttons pop out of the holes in the Multi Base. Finally secure the Click Mast using the steel clamp around the collar of the Multi Base. Tighten the clamp as much as you can with your hands.

Watch the video below to see how it's done:

KS3 Spring Check & Maintenance

The KS3 Spring comes with two red connectors that have been screwed into the spring and locked in place with an adhesive. Please check each connector to ensure it's locked in place and does not unscrew prior to clicking it onto the mast.

Important: Please read the KS3 Spring Maintenance Guide prior to using the KS3 Cobra Bag Kit.

Shortened Version Setup

To set up the shortened version of the KS3 Cobra Bag, insert the KS3 Spring directly into the Multi Base. There are no push buttons on the KS3 Spring, so simply push it into the Multi Base as far as it goes and secure it in place using the steel clamp around the collar of the Multi Base.

Note: Do NOT twist the spring counter-clockwise as this may unscrew one of the red connectors. If you use twisting motion to help insert or take out the spring, always use clockwise twisting motion - both for inserting onto the Multi Base, and for pulling it out.


Setting Up the Ball

The final stage of the setup is to insert the Cobra Bag Adapter into the Cobra Bag Ball, lace up the ball and inflate it. I recommend wetting the inflation needle on your pump whenever you inflate the ball as it will give you the longest inflated time between top-ups. If you're using the cobra bag daily, I recommend topping up the air every three days or if you notice reduced firmness of the ball.

The setup process is best explained using a video:

Please ensure the ball is fully inflated when using it. Poorly inflated ball can lead to the adapter breaking.

Making Adjustments

There are a number of adjustment points on the Kewlus Cobra Bag. In general, and when starting off, you want the ball to be at about chin level. As you take up the boxing stance, parting your feet and slightly bending your knees, the centre of the ball will be at the correct level for punching.

When you're starting off I recommend extending the top section of the cobra bag (the section above the spring) to the maximum length possible and adjusting the bottom section to match your height. This will give the cobra bag the longest reach and the slowest speed - ideal for starting off.

As you get used to the motion of the bag, reduce the top section and increase the bottom to match your height. Reducing the length of the top section will increase the speed, making it more challenging to hit the ball accurately.

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