Kewlus PRO Spring Cobra Punching Bag Community

Kewlus PRO Spring Cobra Punching Bag Community

This is the Kewlus PRO Spring Community page, where you can share your experience with the Kewlus PRO Spring and see how others have set it up.

To share your photo or video with comments, simply post it on Instagram and tag it with #kewlusprospring. You can see how others have made this cobra bag by searching this tag on Instagram.

If you post it on YouTube, let me know through the Contact page and I will embed it below.

You can also comment below - ask questions or answer questions that others have asked. Let's do this!

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Hey Daniel, I keep all the shipping info updated on this page: – please check it for all the latest shipping details.


Hey Reedy.. how long (roughly) will the spring take to estimated arrival to the uk from time of order.. I know is bit random but do your delivery company give any estimate

Daniel Stimson

Awesome man! It’s awesome to see myself on here haha. Can’t wait for the modular adapters bro!


Hey Zachary, thank you for your comments and your support. It means a lot to me. It’s now my full-time mission to create equipment that modular and a blend of off-the-shelf and DIY.


Hey Reedy, I’m a huge admirer and fan of you and your work. I just had to take a moment to acknowledge your and congratulate you on your success. I recently came across this site today and was shocked to have found you have came so far with your platform. I’ve been watchin for like 8 years and successfully built almost every item you have put out EXCEPT getting the right speed on a cobra bag and it’s been a task 🥵. So finding the kewlus spring I am ecstatic. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your genius.


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