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Train Like a Pro!

Professional Boxers like Tim Tszyu in Australia and the McKenna brothers in Ireland are beginning to adopt the Kewlus Cobra Bag in their training. With the latest add-ons, like the Red Bar for increasing speed and the Olympic Sleeve for adding weight plates and improving mast rigidity, the Kewlus Cobra Bag is fast becoming the favourite training tool for the top athletes.

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Choose Your Weapon:

The KS3 version offers the greatest speed, power and durability, while the KS2 version allows you to get started on a smaller budget. Read more...

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  • Cobra Bag Setup & Optimisation Instructions and Videos

    Get the most from your Kewlus Cobra Bag by setting it up correctly. Included are details on increasing speed, height and improving performance.

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  • Make the Baseboard that's Right for You

    The most common and reliable base solution is to make a baseboard. I cover all the options here, from a basic light weight baseboard to a thick "Stubby" with a double-deck setup.

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  • Increase The Height of Your Cobra Bag

    Are you over 6 foot tall and need a taller cobra bag? Here are some simple ways you can increase the height of your Kewlus Cobra Bag!

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  • Advanced Cobra Bag Setup

    Get the maximum performance and add mobility to your KS3 Cobra Bag with this advanced base setup.

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  • Make a DIY Cobra Bag!

    Make your own fast and powerful cobra bag that is better than many of the commercial cobra bags at just the fraction of the cost!

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  • Make a PVC Pipe Cobra Bag!

    The Kewlus PVC Pipe Cobra bag is a Semi-DIY cobra bag, which is extremely easy to make, but makes for one hell of a fast action cobra bag!

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  • Make a Cobra Bag Baseboard!

    If you have ordered the Kewlus Cobra Bag kit that includes the Multi Base, the best way to set it up is to make a baseboard for it.

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  • Make a Boxing Spar Bar!

    Make this smooth-spinning spar bar for learning to slip punches and improve your defensive skills.

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What's a Cobra Bag?

The cobra bag is a type of reflex punching bag that incorporates a football-sized ball on top of a rod or pole that is able to flex back and forth. The cobra bag is one of the best training tools for boxing training. It's ideal for developing a high level of hand-eye coordination and defensive boxing skills. The interactive nature of the cobra bag makes it fun to train with.

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  • 10 Tips For Getting Started with a Cobra Bag

    Cobra Bag Training: 10 Tips for Getting Started

    If you're new to using the Cobra Bag, here are my top 10 tips for a successful start. These tips will ensure you get the most from your cobra bag training sessions.

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  • Cobra Bag Training: The Jab

    The Cobra Bag will help you develop a jab with greater accuracy and speed, longer range and perfect timing.

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New Stuff!

Olympic Weight Plate Sleeve

The Kewlus Olympic Weight Plate Sleeve allows you to use Olympic weight plates to greatly enhance the rigidity and performance of your Kewlus Cobra Bag.

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Kewlus Red Bar

The Red Bar has been designed to increase the speed of the Kewlus Cobra Bag. It's specifically made for switching out the Click Bar in the top section of the cobra bag. The Red Bar is 3 inches shorter than the Click Bar and almost 1/3 of the weight, resulting in a much faster cobra bag.

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