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Modular Reflex Training System for Boxing & MMA

The Kewlus Cobra Bag is the world's first modular cobra bag (reflex bag) designed with customisations, modifications, upgrades and add-ons in mind. This cobra bag is also DIY compatible so you can make your own components and add-ons, and save money.

It's not just a cobra bag - it's a dynamic and evolving modular reflex training system for boxing and MMA.

Get The Full Kit!

Order the Kewlus Cobra Bag Core Kit while stocks last - now available with optional add-ons!

  • Cobra Bag Setup & Optimisation Instructions and Videos

    Get the most from your Kewlus Cobra Bag by setting it up correctly. Included are details on increasing speed, height and improving performance.

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  • Make the Baseboard that's Right for You

    The most common and reliable base solution is to make a baseboard. I cover all the options here, from a basic light weight baseboard to a thick "Stubby" with a double-deck setup.

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  • Increase The Speed of Your Cobra Bag

    Want insane speed? Check out these simple ways that you can increase the speed of your Kewlus Cobra Bag!

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  • Increase The Height of Your Cobra Bag

    Are you over 6 foot tall and need a taller cobra bag? Here are some simple ways you can increase the height of your Kewlus Cobra Bag!

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Latest News:

Air-Free Cobra Bag Ball Coming Soon!

Tired of having to pump up the cobra bag ball every few days to keep it nice and firm? Introducing the Air-Free Ball - a cobra bag ball that needs no pumping!

Learn More...

Spar Bar Add-On Coming Soon!

The modular add-on to the cobra bag kit that many of you have been waiting for is coming soon: the Spar Bar Add-On.

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Featured DIY Projects:

  • Make a DIY Cobra Bag!

    Make your own fast and powerful cobra bag that is better than many of the commercial cobra bags at just the fraction of the cost!

    Full Instructions 
  • Make a PVC Pipe Cobra Bag!

    The Kewlus PVC Pipe Cobra bag is a Semi-DIY cobra bag, which is extremely easy to make, but makes for one hell of a fast action cobra bag!

    Full Instructions 
  • Make a Cobra Bag Baseboard!

    If you have ordered the Kewlus Cobra Bag kit that includes the Multi Base, the best way to set it up is to make a baseboard for it.

    Full Instructions 
  • Make a Boxing Spar Bar!

    Make this smooth-spinning spar bar for learning to slip punches and improve your defensive skills.

    Full Instructions 
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What's a Cobra Bag?

Cobra Bags Explained

The cobra bag is a type of reflex punching bag that incorporates a football-sized ball on top of a rod or pole that is able to flex back and forth. The cobra bag is one of the best training tools for boxing training. It's ideal for developing a high level of hand-eye coordination and defensive boxing skills. The interactive nature of the cobra bag makes it fun to train with. Even if you're not into boxing, but simply want a fun, interactive and challenging way to exercise your whole body, the cobra bag will give you that and more.

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  • Cobra Bag Training - Getting Started

    Cobra Bag Boxing Training - Getting Started

    Training with a cobra bag is a great way to get a full body workout, while practising defensive skills and sharpening your reflexes.

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  • Cobra Bag Training - Jabs

    Cobra Bag Boxing Training - 3 Round Power Jabs Session

    Work on your jabs with this 3 round session jab session. After a few sessions you'll see a major improvement in jab speed and accuracy.

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