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Great product

I have been on the hunt for a budget cobra bag for a long time. I have a lot of leftover scrap from various other household projects around the house, too. With a little elbow grease, some basic tooling, some odds and ends I already had around, and a couple trips to the hardware store, I was able to build my own cobra bag at significantly lower cost and rescue some of my scraps from the landfill. I would highly recommend Kewlus products for anyone looking to up their training on a budget and any athlete who also enjoys a DIY project.

What a great bag!

Reedy has created a very impressive, yet simple cobra bag (at a decent price). I ordered the PVC pipe kit and found it to be incredibly fast! I'm really enjoying it so far. Leather bag itself feels great and all the parts seem well made. Everything just clicks in, like Reedy says it does. Love it so much I ordered the spring to be able to switch between the spring and the PVC bag(s). Great product(s).
At one point, I had to email Reedy with a question and he quickly responded. Customer service, also five stars!

Best Overall Option on the Market

I am thoroughly satisfied with my purchase of the Kewlus Cobra Bag Kit. Reedy and I traded a couple emails prior to my purchase, and he was very helpful.

I ordered the kit and it was shipped within 24 hours. Arrived on my Toronto doorstep inside 48 hours of purchase. It was fully assembled in about 10 minutes, with the assistance of the youtube videos. The entire unit weighs under 5lbs.

The spring is very heavy duty. The bag is basically an upside down speed bag with a replaceable bladder. The replaceable bladder and bad was the biggest selling feature for me. Most other manufacturers don't offer replacement parts. Every part is replaceable and is on the website.

This cobra bag functions just as well as other higher priced models that are out there. If you're in the market for one, this is a solid option.

Leather Cobra Bag/Ball

Excellent product

Just got my bag set up with the Kewlus Spring and I couldn't be happier, seems like a very sturdy and reliable piece of equipment that has quickly become a favourite workout. Thanks Reedy for the work you put in with the product, and videos to help make it a pretty simple piece of home equipment. It's been so much fun, I've already recommended it to my co-workers!

Ordered the Cobra Bag - Core Kit from Kewlus

Great reflex bag kit at a reasonable price. Shipping to Austria, Europe with UPS was really fast. Customs duties are not bad at all considering the high quality materials. We are using the Cobra Bag with the suction coup handles. They stick well to a plane polished granite plate.

Good material. Except the Velcro for this application

Should have zippers to close the flap instead of Velcro .. the sand comes out at times.. zipper is the way to go.

Thank you for the feedback. I will work on changing the design of the opening in the next batch.

The fastest cobra bag

It is definitely one of the fastest COBRA bags I’ve had . I’ve had ringside and title cobra bags also Amazon cobra for $260 dollar and the do not compare. It’s easy to take on the go to going to order more for gym

The FASTEST Cobra Bag

It is definitely one of the fastest COBRA bags I’ve had . I’ve had ringside and title cobra bags also Amazon cobra for $260 dollar and the do not compare. It’s easy to take on the go to going to order more for gym

Great Cobra Bag!

Amazing design and easy assembly! Extremely sturdy and is definitely built to last even through the most rigorous training sessions. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a cobra bag.

Real happy

Long story short…was looking at some form of exercise, boxing came up, saw a video of Canelo using a cobra bag so decided to look for one…these prices were out of my budget, saw this for an alternative on YouTube and bought it straight away and what was promised was delivered 🤙🏼 Easy to setup due to the many videos of help and couldn’t be happier. Looking forward to using it so would like to say thanks for creating this Reedy! Wishing you the best for future endeavors!

Really stellar product!!

I ordered just the spring, it shipped very fast, I think in a day or two. Works better than I expected and how you can adjust the speed with the DIY setup that Kewlus and Csquaredboxing cover in how to videos, you really cant beat it. And I'm not just talking about price. From the way it functions to how you can customize height, speed and base it truly is a hidden gem of the boxing world!

Fantastic product

I have taught martial arts/fitness classes for 40 years and have the ringside cobra bag andI am an equipment junkiie that has purchased lots of training equipment through the years. I found the ringside bag so slow but the Kewlus bag is far above my expectations. Thank you for listening tp buyers and creating a wonderful training tool. My wife uses it as well.

Great cobra for a fair price

This cobra bag is great. Everything is high quality. Better way to go than amazon and others

save yourself some money, HIGHLY recommend

The spring works amazing, and following your youtube tutorial made it super easy.
The homemade version is about 200 dollars cheaper then the cheapest cobra bag, and is better in every way due to how much adjustment you have. Like stated in your video, having everything be modular makes it so nice if I want to change out the bag, or if something breaks in the future. Highly recommend

It's really nice brother kids excited that they can adjust themselves for their height ,awesome might get couple more ,thank you

Good but made adjustments

Overall I’m extremely satisfied with the quality of construction. Everything is built to withstand a beating EXCEPT the tiny screws that hold the multi base to the wood board. A hard punch ripped the tiny screws out of the wood. My solution was to drill the holes of the multi base to be wider, and install bolts through the board and multi base to ensure it will never come loose again. And with this, it’s actually able to be uninstalled from the wood board for even tighter storage/transport if desired.
Otherwise it feels amazing and I’m definitely getting my warm ups in before kickboxing classes.

Thank you for the review and the feedback! Awesome - you did the right thing to use larger screws/bolts. The screws that I included are really meant for the Platform Paddles which plug into the Multi Base and only require minimum tightening. If using with a custom baseboard then I totally recommend getting thicker and possibly longer screws (or even bolts) to match the thickness of your baseboard and base combined.


The whole setup including the paddles works great!

Great Purchase!!!

Everything with my order went perfect, arrived 2 days earlier which was awesome timing! The set up was super easy, quality materials, great price. All in all I'm excited to use this product. I am a first time Cobra Bag buyer, after doing some research I felt like Kewlus was the best option. Thank you Kewlus, keep up the awesome work 💯


Much lighter and more secure than the baseboard I made before. A little pricey but works great so far! Wish it came out first and then I could have gotten these instead of the suction cups

Loved it

Got it few months ago
Loved how it works, everything in the package is made with high quality materials
Really had fun with this Cobra bag !!!

KS2 Kewlus Spring

I have 2 of these. I fabricated my Own Cobra bag and it works perfectly. It cost me less than $100, which includes the Kewlus Spring and Noodle Foam and the wheels for my Cobra Bag. It's easy to move around. The rest of materials i used is from Scrap metal. Worth it to have one, specially if u know how to fabricate stuff. Easy job to make it.Thank's🤘🏼🤘🏼

Awesome Cobra Bag!

Great price, easy set up, quality materials, fast action! I Love this bag! Best Cobra Bag out there!

Why do you want to spend almost 600$ for a tool that work the same?

The spring is deadly, you can fit it with cheap material, or with the kit, anyway anything you choose is okay, because this springs work the same like other cobra bag that you over paid, definitely the better choice. Thank you Reedy


This is genius. Easy setup, attractive design, great materials. I went ahead and got a round base made from wood at my local Home Depot store. I spray painted it black to match the kewlus bag. IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL. VERY VERY STURDY