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Cobra bag click mast

Product is awesome works well if had 2 more lower holes for my 10yr would be better but great so far

KS3 Cobra Bag - Core Only

Excellent customer service!

Great product and customer service! Thank you!

Genuine Leather Cobra Bag/Ball

Kewlus Cobra Bag Spring (KS3)

Perfect addition to DIY setup

Hey Reedy, Yes, so glad I sprung for the KS2 Spring and definitely the added KS2 Spring Caps.
Made a tremendous difference from when I started with just the 3/4 inch PVC pipe alone. That was NOT working for me. The solo PVC had Very little spring and continuous bounce for sure.
Will try to send pics of final
Product. Going to buy a Coupling to add 4 inches now and have really fast Cobra bag and one slower bag without changing height OR compromising the Spring longevity.
Did get whacked in face a few times, but that's the learning process.
Thanks for ALL your videos that helped tremendously with the build. And of course a "shout out" to "cssquaredboxing" videos for all his videos and input where he always mentions Kewlus. Com


It is working pretty smoothly, so far so good, it has good bounce back time

Cobra Bag Spring

Incredibly well made, very sturdy and amazing customer service.

KS3 kit + paddles and sandbags

Pre ordered the KS3 kit along with the sandbag and platform paddle setup. Just finished setting it up today and put it through a little test. It’s everything I hoped it would be and should definitely be someone’s first option looking for a cobra bag; quality for a fair price point. The KS3 spring’s build is one of if not the best out, you have feel it to see. Modular design is the way to go with cobra strike bags and Reedy is the first to do it. One criticism I hold is for the sand bags to hold more weight as I feel if they were to hold 15-20 pounds extra on each and were slightly longer , it would eliminate the need for me to put on extra weight on top of the sandbags. Solid brand, I’m a fan.

Thank you for the review and the feedback! With my next batch of sandbags I will be increasing volume by 20% by adding extra height. Note, that using wet sand (with an inner plastic bag as a liner) will also increase the weight considerably. Your feedback is helping me to improve components and is greatly appreciated.

Excellent product, fantastic service!

This is the only modular Cobra bag. VERY quick and easy to set up, extremely fast spring and quality parts. I love this product, and the service and communication from Kewlus is exceptional. I highly recommend this product! I've tried several other cobra bags, this has been the best of the bunch.

Great spring and intro to DIY

Thank you Reedy! This spring is great, and I can't wait to upgrade when I get better at boxing!

G3 upgraded

This is the best unit I’ve used I’ve tried 4 different brands until finally finding the one that I’m happy with I run a boxing gym about 40 fighters hit this daily and it is very durable and these guys have great customer support I’ll update a video soon of us hitting it

Thank you Kenny for your review!

KS3 upgraded spring kit

Very strong very durable I’ve got over 40 hitting this guy daily it’s very durable I’ll upload a video soon

Thank you!!!


First, great service from Reedy. Fast order fulfilment and shipping. Kit arrived in perfect condition. Second, extremely easy assembly and quality is excellent as advertised. Third and most important, performance of the Kewlus cobra bag is outstanding! Fast, responsive and with two 50 lbs bags of sand on the platform paddles, it's ROCK solid and doesn't not budge no matter how hard I hit it ( and I weigh about 205 lbs and boxing for 5 years). My main goal was to use this for head movement when training alone and the fully adjustable features allow me to get both fast return of the bag AND it will hit me hard in the face if I don't move my head!! This is no toy and it meets or exceeds the performance of much more expensive cobra bags

Nice Quality made product

Most used piece of equipment in my home gym everyone who sees it wants to use it . Quality made to take any punch Iv'e seen so far . This is a must have for someone getting into cadio workouts make exercising fun .

Ks2 setup

An unbelievably simple , cost effective idea that can be easily tweaked to your personal preference.
It’s so much faster and more responsive than the store bought ones. And the whole setup can be made for under $100
One happy customer here

Great product at a great price

I was looking around for a cobra bag that would not break the bank and the kewlus kit is probably the best option. From the youtube videos that I have watched of other cobra bags, it seems there are none that even come close. I have been enjoying it and so far have no complaints.

Top tier product

I love everything about this product. I’ve used a few other cobra bags, and this one is by far the best. The ability to make different modifications make it second to none.

Better than Fierce Cobra Bag

My Fierce cobra bag failed. Seam split. Could not get replacement from Fierce. Sold out. No availability date. No response from customer service. Found perfect substitute with Kewlus cobra bag. Perfect fit. Better quality. Extra bladder included. Will never buy Fierce brand again. Big mistake buying Fierce in first place.

Top training tool

You get much for the money.


I ordered the Kewlus Cobra Bag Spring (KS3) as soon as it came out. Upgraded from the KS2 and man is it a huge upgrade! Since then I have put hundreds of rounds on the cobra bag and it has held up perfect! one thing I did notice was the stability of the mast click bar a little wobbly. Luckily I followed Reedy's YouTube video and built a second deck. I put some Olympic weights on top of my sand bags then I wrapped some duct tape around the click mast to lock it into the Olympic weights and it is a huge improvement to the stability! The second deck was all it needed it works perfect! If yall wanna know how its done look at Reedy's YouTube page he posts a lot of updates on there and upgrades for the cobra bag kit! Hopefully this review helps!
5 stars!

So far, so good

I have the gordex reflex bag. Which is, in my option a good bag. Unfortunately the spring broke on me. So I decided to purchase Kewlus cobra spring. I tack welded it on and been impresse ever since. Would purchase again if need be

Great bit of kit

Really great product, really happy. There was a bit of a delay on the bag, but Reedy kept me in the loop all the way. Great customer service, as above 5 stars!

Unbelievable customer service

I had a problem with my adapter. I contacted Kewlus and they more than made things right. I cant believe customer service like this still exists.

Great Cobra Bag!

Glad I purchased this bag after going back and forward trying to decide which to purchase on the internet (so many these days to choose from happy I chose Kewlus).
Why is this bag so great and how does it compare to others?
Kewlus bag is modular as stated but moving it into the corner out of the way is very convenient when you use the kewlus sand bags vs. a competitor cobra bag that uses a fillable base (for me it's easier to move some sand bags instead of a base of water filled or sand filled container where it's purpose is to not move).
The leather bag is very well made (smells great when you remove it from the shipping packaging) and it's built to last, no cracking after owning it for 6 months now, plus is it's replaceable! There are other bags in the same price range do not have a bladder and don't have replacement bags available. It's also a bit lighter in terms of weight so it doesn't fling around on the base that holds the bag unlike other cobra bags. I've noticed I haven't had to pump it as often as a result compared to a competitor cobra bag at the same price range.
Lastly, Kewlus' customer service is also five stars. Reedy was quick to respond to my questions and kind enough to send me a replacement part when I broke a piece (it could have been my fault but Reedy sent me a confirmation of a replacement piece right away via email with shipping info.)
Overall, I am very happy with my cobra bag and can't wait to see what else Reedy has in store for it.