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Put it together had to make connectors that ere out of stock. Bolted right to my wood floor like a champ. Works great. It's very addicting and I'm getting better every day.

Super Convenient!

These suction cups have saved me from having to use a heavy base. I use them to set up the Kewlus cobra bag in my garage, where I painted a section of floor just for this purpose. Quick to set up and when I'm done smashing the cobra bag, they are easy to put away. I also use the suction cups to mount the cobra bag horizontally on a laminated board that I have attached to one of the garage walls. That way I can work on hooks and uppercuts, as well as my cardio.

Ks3 cobra bag

Absolutely brilliant system , my son loves it and the ease of setting up where you want to use, and to be able to pack up and put away. Top product , highly recommend to aspiring boxers, well done Reedy

Kewlus Cobra Bag - KS2 Core Kit

So Incredibly Fast

The KS3 spring is just so incredible fast and has a really great rebound while still not missing out on reach, so it's perfect to work on my Philly shell.
The fact that the whole bag is modular makes it even better. I'm pretty tall, so I might replace the lower click mast with a galvanised pipe to use the shortest/fastest setting of the bag.

It's just a quality product and you can't anything better for this price, plus the customer service by Reedy is top notch.


Don't hesitate and go for it.
Good quality.
Much fun to use.
Nice guy behind the product.

the BEST bang for your buck

I’ve wanted a reflex bag for years and was finally about to pull the trigger between a grodex or a fierce reflex bag.. Happened to stumble across Kewlus and saw that this new version dropped a few weeks ago. For half the price, this does EXACTLY what the more expensive ones do.. and the quality is THERE.

big respect to ya kewlus !

Great Reflex Bag

I have tried several different reflex bags. Some were very expensive. I sent them all back. The Kewlus bag is by far the best. Very stable and responsive. Provides a great workout!!

works very well - super happy with it

been eyeing a cobra bag for years but 'static' formulas didn't appeal to me. the question most solutions can't easily answer is 'what if i want to use a different bag' ?
or 'what if i want to use a different spring ?'

along come the kewlus kit. modular, use as-is or mix it up with some diy... ok this guy's onto something

the kit was well packed, the finish on the parts is very nice. everything is light but solid and feels well balanced. i screwed the base into wood floor. getting the adapter into the neck of the bag takes a little practice and patience. beyond that it assembles faster than the time it takes to get it all out of the box, and it all works exactly as expected. this is a clever product.

service is top notch as well. kewlus follows up on the buy, and i mentioned i had a bit of trouble with the bag. shazam! its dealt with on the spot

Best Christmas present

The KS3 core kit was a present from my missus!
Really impressed with the construction and ease of set up.

The spring is fast and it's a fun and challenging workout.
Very very happy.

Shipping was only 7 days and that was to the UK.
good price and worth every penny.

I'm a professional boxing coach and although this is for my own use at home, I'll definitely be taking it to the gym as well so my boxers can have a go!

Thoughts on KS 3

In my opinion she makes more noise than the KS 2 because she is not rubber mounted, but the quality is high end. Very fast and staddy. But i wish for me the cobra bag a little higher for a longer range , you can make it smaler but not much higher. I am 183 cm in height.
Best regards and Greetings from Germany.

Hi Dirk, thank you for 5-star review! One thing I would recommend to increase the height is to add an extra layer or two to the baseboard - this will give you an inch or so extra height, plus it will make the base heavier and thus more rigid. The thicker the baseboard, the taller the overall height of the bag will be and the sturdier it will become.

Much better for my 2yo

My 2yo son likes hitting the bag but the original spring setup was too tall. This new spring is still a little tall but is much shorter and he is enjoying using it every day! I just set up a stool next to the sand bags. Great purchase!

Great product

I bought the cobra bag kit with the KS3 spring and I am very satisfied with the quality. The rebound speed is also very good.

Kewlus Cobra Bag Spring (KS3)

Better than advertised!

Easy to set up and definitely one of the best reflex bags on the market. I had my base drilled to my garage floor, so all I do is remove the pole when I want to park my car.

Nice upgrade

K3 is better than the K2 spring. Happy overall.

Cobra bag

I love my Kewlus Cobra bag. I highly recommend this bag. It's high quality at a very reasonable price.
The Cobra bag is a super fun workout, takes up very little space and isn't very loud.

Fast and adaptable

Love it. The KS3 spring makes the bag faster, easier to adjust height and overall more fun to hit.

Incredible value and products!

After looking around the Internet at cobra bags and solutions I came across Kewlus and Reedy’s YouTube channel. After seeing pricing and the modular design I pulled the trigger on a full kit with the KS3 and gloves and I’m blown away by the product, design, and usability. The modular design allows it to be easily portable and the performance is beyond. I’ve got 3 friends looking to purchase now as well. Cheers to Reedy for an amazing product and continued development.

very good

good and convenient

Great bag

Bought the bag and mast to to replace another from another vendor. The Kewlus was far better

Kewlus Cobra Bag - Core Kit

Well designed with great quality! One big advantage is that it's easily customizable. I did a fair bit of research before deciding on the Kewlus product. Reedy provides many great instructional videos both on training and DIY options. He's honest and very helpful and has designed these products well and with quality. Love the Kewlus Cobra Bag Core Kit and really looking forward to future add-ons.

Cobra Bag Replacement Bladder

The Baldder in my Bag was damaged, asked for a replacement and it arrived pretty fast! Thank you!


Overall happy with the purchase. Wish the action was faster, but overall happy.

Thank you. Very soon I will release an upgrade spring (KS3) for those who want faster speed. For now check out to increase speed.


Thank you Kewlus,
You have done an amazing job to include all of us.
You are a good person.
There is nothing to add to your work.
I look forward to your final prototype of the "Spar Bar" to add to my kit.