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Love it!

My cobra bag has finally come together and love everything about it. The customer service was excellent and they were able to update my address twice when I gave them the wrong info

Max Speed SF Ball & Adapter Combo

Just Buy It!

If your looking for a high quality, affordable, durable and customizable reflex bag then look no further then the Kewlus cobra reflex bag. After hundreds spent on other products and hours of research I just so happened to find this gem. They offer the whole set up or parts of it allowing you to build the pieces you want to save some kind of money or have a product that works and last making your initial investment more then worth it.

Looks like an awesome setup! Thank you for your support and for the review.

Kewlus KS3 cobra bag

I received my KS3 cobra bag 3 weeks ago I can say that it is simply fantastic I am very satisfied with the product I thank Reedy for his kindness and helpfulness and for this exceptional product that he sent me I recommend the KS3 kewlus cobra bag to everyone thank you Reedy 👍👍👍

Surpassed my expectations!

I did some online research and almost purchased the Grodex Cobra Bag. I'm so glad I found the Kewlus Cobra Bag instead. I can't recommend the Kewlus Cobra Bag enough. The quality is top notch and very sturdy despite the modular design. I was expecting the product to be flimsy, but I couldn't be more wrong. I have practiced martial arts for over 10 years and can hit a bag with decent power. The Kewlus bag held up fantastic so far and rebounded quickly with the heavy duty spring. The Customer service at Kewlus is unparalleled! Reedy was very responsive to my inquiries even post sales. I won't hesitate to buy Kewlus products in the future for all the reasons mentioned. Awesome product! Thank you.

Amazing Cobra bag.

For the past month, I have been training every day with my cobra bag. It's very fast, I never get bored, the training is very fun! Importantly, the after-sales service is excellent.


I love this thing so much!! Has an amazing spring and the paddles at the bottom make it super easy to put sand on it and secure it down. Plus I’ve only had mine for about 2 weeks and nothing has gone wrong but overtime with these bags the springs will start to lose there pop to them and with this you can just order a new spring instead of having to get a whole new bag. 100% RECOMMEND

Amazing cobra bag!

Highly recommend grabbing yourself one of these ks3 cobra bags!

Pros: Very high quality material.
fast and responsive.
Easy and affordable to upgrade with its modular abilities.
Keeps up with other professionally used bags such as fierce. (Sorry if naming other brands is not ok).
Great for beginners as you can adjust the speed with a simple click until you catch on!

The only real downside which is fixable and not a big deal is the squeak, because all the metal bars click together, if you hit it on edge it turns the bar slightly causing a squeak. (Easily fixed with a tiny bit of grease on the bars)

Recommend grabbing yourself the red bar with your order for later use as it’s not very expensive and will save you delivery fee later when you want more speed!

The owner Reedy is super helpful and has lots of helpful videos which makes me support this brand even more!

KS3 Cobra Bag

I love this Reflex Bag! The Kobra Bags from Reedy Kewlus have come a long way! I remember using the red spring with total DIY equipment. This new one is the best. Its perfect and I love it. Thank you Reedy Kewlus for making an affordable Reflex Bag!

I like the product

Love all of Reedy’s stuff. If you want DIY he SHows YOU HOW. If you want pro looking and feeling products. He has that at great prices.

Really happy with the KS3 Freestanding Cobra Bag

I received this beauty on March 4th, and since then, I have to say that it was a complete success in my purchase. It works really well, moves at a very good speed, uses high-quality materials, and you can tell that everything is well-designed. It’s an excellent workout, and best of all, it’s a lot of fun—you’re always learning. Kewlus videos with tips for beginners are very helpful.

For those of us living in an apartment, it’s ideal because it’s easy to assemble and disassemble quickly and you can pick up the KS3 easily. Only the base with the mast isn’t detachable, but it’s not a problem.(at least in my case, I´ve managed to find a place for each piece of the KS3). Also, it’s not very noisy—only the punches on the cobra bag. I use a fitness mat that absorbs vibrations from the floor very well.

I live in Spain, and I was concerned about transportation and customs handling, but it went smoothly with FedEx. In fact, I decided to buy the max speed cobra bag and the redbar shortly after to complement my KS3. I love the differences in training that the max power ball and the max speed ball offer.

I’m 49 years old and cycle to work, but I needed an upper body exercise. I was looking for a punching bag, but nothing I saw on well-known shopping portals or from other recognized boxing brands convinced me—until I stumbled upon Kewlus website and discovered their cobra bags. There’s no comparison; I already knew what I wanted, and I made the right choice.

If you know you enjoy this type of training, the KS3 is a sure bet.

Thank you once again, Kewlus, I wish you continued success!

Thank you for the detailed review, great feedback and well wishes!



Max Power Leather Ball & Adapter Combo

I love Kewlus boxing gloves 16 oz !

I really love these boxing gloves in the 16 oz version and I definitely recommend them. Well made and pleasant to wear and look at. Well done Kewlus!

This cobra bag and all your accessories are absolutely outstanding! Thank you!

Great DIY boxing guides and products.

Love my Kewlis spring cobra bag! Great return speed! Makes for a fast bag.

Works as described. Arrived on time

One of the best cobra bags out there

Kewlus Red Bar
Yannis M.

It’s definitely faster

Great product

Good support and Service


Exactly what I wanted, was a bit concerned with it being click together but shouldn't have been, very well engineered and well worth the money.

Very good

Works better than what i hoped for


The only think I would wish for is slightly heavier ball. It would be amazing if I could buy a different ball for different work purposes. Like keelus XL ball, because I love working with 16 oz on cobra bag and double end bags, having a slightly bigger ball (probably not more than 3 oz heavier) would be great

Thank you for the great review and the feedback. Try taping some wide electrical tape or duct tape (stretchy type of tape) around the base of the ball - it will add extra weight and strengthen the ball in that area at the same time. The more tape you wrap, the heavier it will get.

I researched the internet and unfortunately ended up buying a couple before purchasing the Kewlus bag. Best decision I've made.