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Excellent piece of equipment!

This thing is awesome! I dont have a ton of experience with reflex bags, but this one exceeds all expectations! Video really doesnt do it justice in how fast it is! Which leads to difficult but extremely rewarding training sessions. Going back to the cheap reflex bag from the big box stores feels like they take an eternity to "swing" back in comparison, and thats just after a couple rounds on the kewlus bag! This thing is an excellent addition to any home fitness room or professional gym, and for the price, i cant imagine the other more expensive bags perform nearly well enough to justify their extra costs, which isnt a dig on them at all, but for those of us who want professional level equipment without paying top dollar, you cant go wrong with this cobra bag!

I dont generally write reviews but after UPS mishandled the shipment of it, i had to reach out to the kewlus team, they responded quickly and concisely, after experiencing how awesome this thing is, i felt compelled to write one. Shipping may be tricky since it comes from canada but the quality and service from kewlus was fantastic. Again, you wont be disappointed in this thing when competitors are going for 500.00+ USD.

Thanks for rounding out my home gym! I love this bag, most fun piece of exercise equipment ive got next to my dirt bike!


The spring is what makes or breaks the cobra bag. The KS2 spring performs amazingly and will give you an even better workout to practice your timing and precision!

Best Reflex Bag

Items all came in and were in good condition. I purchased this as a gift for a group of children who I have been training and they love it. Ages 3-13. Thanks for the great product Reedy!! Much success to you my friend.

Great bag

Great service and fun bag to use.

Una bomba!

Ottimi materiali reattività ai colpi semplice da montare !! Sono felicissimo!!! Ti arriva tutto a casa semplice semplice... Reedy sei il numero 1 grazie

Good products!

I recommend

Kewlus Cobra Bag Spring KS3

This is the best spring you've made yet. Great speed and strength. Love it

Cobra Bag Ball: A Fitness Game Changer

Exceptional quality and durability come to mind! The Cobra Bag Ball is what I use for my freestanding Kewlus KS3 Cobra bag and it offers a unique workout experience, enhancing my speed, my precision, and my striking skills. The responsive rebound action of the Cobra Bag Ball provides an engaging and satisfying training session, improving hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and upper body strength. In conclusion, the Genuine Leather Cobra Bag Ball is a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking to elevate their fitness and striking abilities. – Jonathan Allen, Amateur Boxer and Coach (

Best Cobra Flex Bag on the Market!!!

Really Light, well made and Super-Fast!!! Best Cobra Flex on the market!!! Our members love this bag, Everyone also loves the easy adjustments for various heights. I highly recommend this bag for home use and/or gym use. It will take your hand speed to another level!!!!

Probably the only company thinking about this dynamic. Tried to solve this with a previous Title bag but could never get it right. Had also been using pipe insulation with my Kewlus but the hard plastic on this is definitely far superior. The pipe insulation kept rising up the mast.

Oh my. I assumed the speed increase would be fairly noticeable, but it’s much more than that. This cobra bag was already awesome as a whole, but now it’s elite with this additional speed. And I haven’t even combined it with the red bar yet…

Thank you I got the spring and it’s awesome and works great

Best bag on the market. The level of service backs that of the product, which is highly important these days imo. The modularity and ability to further enhance the unit is amazing. Great entrepreneurs bring great products into the world :)

Exceptional Quality & Easy to Install - Don't Overthink It & Get It!

Recently a cobra-bag I bought at a yard sale broke, so finding one that wasn't too expensive was near impossible. However I came across some YouTube reviews about this Kewlus Spring & for $30 I thought it was worth checking it out. Well its been 2 weeks now & I haven't stopped training with it! I got some supplies from Home Depot, followed Kewlus's DIY instructions, and boom I got a new Cobra bag for under $100 lol. The spring is very firm, its diameter is also perfect for fitting it on a PVC pipe (which is very cheap to purchase), and can take any amount of combos you throw at it.

I also want to add that the delivery-experience was extremely transparent: You could track the shipment of your purchase in real-time & it came pretty fast. I

Base paddles.

They fit perfectly on the base. Paddles can be weighted down with the sandbags or plates or dumbbells. Whatever you want. Makes the Cobra bag easy to move around. Thank you.

Ks3 bag

Great product!!!

Love my Kewlus!

Loving the speed of the red bar. I am using my kewlus, I'm losing weight and ahving a blast doing so. Thank you!

KS3 freestanding - worth every penny

I had been searching for a cobra bag for some time, have used different ones in several gyms, none come close to the quality of the kewlus. I went for the k3 free standing with the base and sand bags. Very fast shipping to the USA, nicely packaged, easy to put together, the spring is excellent quality and the sandbags work exceptionally well negating the need to buy extra weights. I use this everyday to train and don't get bored! I will likely purchase the air free bag soon to add to the kit. I love supporting entrepreneurs like reedy. Great job!

Amazing speed

The red bar makes a huge difference in the speed of the kewlus cobra bag. I’m very glad I purchased it. I can now take my practice to the next level.

Kewlus Air-Free Cobra Bag

The Air-Free bag is a great add-on for developing a stronger punch. It's a little slower and heavier to hit. Feels more like hitting something solid and good for developing the hands and arms. Due to my work and schedule I use not only boxing gloves, sometimes MMA gloves and even my bare fists a few minutes here and there as I pass by the Reflex Cobra Bag. My home and work place are the same space.

Kewlus Red Bar
David S.
Kewlus Red Bar for more speed

The Red Bar definitely gives more speed and changes the training. It's also easy and fast with a simple swap out. I like to switch things up and change the feel and response regularly. The Air-Free bag is also excellent for that. Although not as fast as the pump up bag it definitely has a harder, more solid feel providing greater resistance to the punch.

Best upgrade to my cobra bag yet!

The absolute best cobra bag out there. I’ve tested many and the Kewlus cobra bag is by far the best. It’s easy and quick to setup and disassemble. Easy to move. Able to switch components and to customise.

Worth every penny

I had been shopping around for a decent cobra bag and stumbled across the KS3. The quality is fantastic and the spring gives a higher end challenge than any other pieces of equipment in the same price range.

Best workout ever

I absolutely LOVE my Kewlus bag. I get an amazing working, I'm dripping sweat after just 10 minutes punching it, and i have a blast! Outside of the set up being awesome, the customer service is Outstanding! I had a leak in one of the bladders so I reached out to customer service, and a replacement was sent out that day, no questions asked. When you have an amazing product, and amazing customer service, you're bound to build a huge business, and I will always support this company due to the way they have treated me. It's so refreshing to have a company that actually cares about their clientele. If you're looking for a great workout thats fun and helps improve you ability to hit a moving targer, INVEST IN THIS SYSTEM TODAY!! Thanks Kewlus team, y'all truly do rock!