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Intro The suction cup base is by far my favourite base for both the cobra punching bag and the spar bar. I've tried them all: water filled bases, umbrella bases, weighed down boards and stand-on platforms. The suction cup base beats them all in terms of rigidity, and rigidity is what you need for an effective cobra punching bag or spar bar. Did you know that you can also use the suction cup base on carpet? Simply get a large laminated chipboard and stick your suction cup base onto that. You can then use weights to weigh it down. I...

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Now you can make a boxing spar bar that performs better than the commercial ones for just a fraction of the cost. All you need are some plumbing pipes and a flange, a pool noodle (or pipe insulation foam), a small ball bearing and a couple of hose clamps. If you've already made the Kewlus PRO Spring cobra bag, then you already have a compatible base!

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Now you can have the ultimate boxing cobra punching bag that is better than any commercial cobra bag on the market at just a fraction of the cost! The key ingredient is the Kewlus Spring.

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