Cobra Bag Platform Paddles V2

Cobra Bag Platform Paddles V2

For the last few months I've been working on a new version of the Platform Paddles for a more stable and rigid platform for your Kewlus Cobra Bag. The new version, V2 is due for release about mid Feb. My main focus has been to make the Paddles more effective for the new KS3 Spring.

For most situations making a thick, 2 foot wide baseboard will give you the most effective platform for your cobra bag. However for those of you who don't have the opportunity to make such a baseboard (or have one made locally), the Paddles are a great alternative.

Key Features

  • The Paddles plug directly into the Multi Base, secured by 8 screws and a central locking nut which are all included;
  • The new, wider design means that the sandbags (or other weights) are more effective at applying downward pressure on the paddles. This translates to less lateral movement in the base and thus faster and more prolonged oscillation of the cobra bag;
  • The new design is also more rigid lengthwise, incorporating strengthening ribs in the underside. This also translates to less flex in the base and improves cobra bag performance.

Estimated Release Date

The new version is now in the final stages of prototype manufacture and testing. Although I don't yet have an exact release date, I expect to release them around mid Feb. I will reveal the release on my YouTube channel, so please subscribe to it if you don't want to miss the announcement.

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