Spar Bar Add-On Coming Soon

Spar Bar Add-On Coming Soon

G'day guys. The modular add-on to the cobra bag kit that many of you have been waiting for is coming soon: the Spar Bar Add-On. It will be a game changer for the Kewlus modular kit, because you will be able to easily switch from a cobra bag to a spar bar in an instant for a complete boxing reflex training session.

The Design

The spinner will incorporate the highest quality hybrid ceramic and stainless steel ball bearing for the ultimate spin performance.

The design of the spinner will be modular like with all my components, so you can switch out elements on each of the arms and adjust the length of each arm. The height of the spinner will be adjustable - able to slide up and down and lock in place with a stainless steel clamp - all the way down to a small child's level.

Configuration possibilities are endless: for example, you could have two balls at either end to simulate someone holding two focus mitts - that would really test your reflexes as the balls would move in a very narrow arc. You coud position the spinning balls closer together for faster, closer action or further apart for longer reach.

Spinning Focus Mitts


The spar bar add-on is still in design and prototyping (testing) stage. This means that it is still months away, but know that I will not rest until this is out. Now that I have a reliable manufacturing base, my aim is to have it released in the second part of this year.

As soon as it goes into production I will start taking pre-orders. Initial numbers will be limited, so if you want to get your hands on one, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel: - this is where I will be making the release announcements.

How Much?

As always I aim to keep costs down and pass on the savings to you guys. It will be affordable and similarly priced as many of the other components.

Other Questions?

If you have any questions, post them in the comments below.

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I think a spar bar add-on would be great. I have a spar bar and don’t like it very much but that’s because of it’s design. The problem is, in order to get the bar to spin fast enough, you need to hit it close to the ends, which is not at all close to how you actually punch. If you hit the bar closer to where you would punch, the bar won’t spin nearly fast enough because the force is in the middle of the bar and it transfers to the pole and not to the spinning action. I think if you can make it modular and adjustable, like your Cobra bag so that people can choose multiple options: just the padded bar on one side and nothing on the other; the padded bar on one side and a bag on the other; or focus mitt type pads on one or both ends AND make the distance of the part you hit ( bar, bag, mitt) adjustable in/out toward /away from the center pole to narrow or extend the arc, would be ideal

Don R.

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