Cobra Bag Training - Jabs (3 Rounds)

Cobra Bag Training - Jabs (3 Rounds)

This cobra bag training session will help you improve your jabs. The focus is on punching speed and power. The cobra bag is the ideal training tool for improving the power and speed of your jabs as well as hand-eye coordination. I'm using the PVC mod version of the Kewlus Cobra Bag, which is well suited for training the jabs, but a spring version on max speed setting will do as well. If this is your first session for the day, do a light warm up or a set of pushups to warm up your muscles before you start or during the intro.

This is a 3 x 2 minute round session:

  • Round 1 - single jabs, alternating sides
  • Round 2 - power jabs, fastest speed setting
  • Round 3 - double & triple jab combos, longer reach setting

Still have more in the tank? Do another set of 3 rounds or follow up with a combo session.

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