How To Wrap Hands for Boxing

How To Wrap Hands for Boxing

Here's quick and effective technique for wrapping your hands for boxing training. Watch and follow the video below to see how to do it correctly so that the wraps don't unravel during training.

Key Steps:

  1. Start with the end that has the loop. Place the loop over your thumb and the start of the wrap onto the back of your hand with the material folds facing inward;
  2. Wrap 3 times around your wrist;
  3. Wrap 3 times around your hand;
  4. Wrap all the way around your thumb - 360 degrees;
  5. Wrap from behind the thumb to between little and ring fingers and come up from between your index finger and thumb;
  6. Repeat the above step wrapping between the ring and middle fingers, followed by wrapping between the middle and index fingers;
  7. Change directing by wrapping 180 degrees around the thumb - this will help prevent the wraps from unravelling;
  8. Wrap 3-4 times around the hand;
  9. Change direction again by wrapping 180 degrees around the thumb;
  10. Wrap the remainder around the wrist and secure with the velcro at the end.

Print this page out for easy reference.

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