Kewlus Cobra Bag Spring (KS3)

Kewlus Cobra Bag Spring (KS3)

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The third generation Kewlus Cobra Bag Spring (KS3) has been designed to maximise the performance of the Kewlus Cobra Bag. Made from a special type of highly resilient steel, it is engineered to allow your cobra bag to have extra reach when needed without compromising on speed.

The KS3 is fully compatible with the Kewlus Cobra Bag Kit and comes with aluminium connectors for the ultimate ease of assembly and disassembly. Each connector has 2 length adjustment points/holes, giving you more variations to play with when used with the Kewlus Cobra Bag Kit. Extend the reach or increase the speed of your cobra bag - the choice is yours depending on how you want to train: speed & reflexes (shorter top section and faster action), power (heavier bag) or agility (longer reach). With this spring you can reach your full boxing reflex training potential, whether you're simply looking for a fun way to exercise in your home or to sharpen your boxing skills as a professional fighter.

One of the key features of the KS3 is the ability to insert it directly into the Multi Base, giving you a short version of the cobra bag with the same speed characteristics. This allows the Kewlus Cobra Bag to be used by small children as young as 5. It also opens up possibilities to mount the cobra bag upside-down for the ultimate slip bag or on a wall for a horizontal cobra bag that is ideal for working on uppercuts and hooks.

Important: Setup & Maintenance

Before using the KS3 Spring, please read the KS3 Spring Maintenance Guide.

The KS3 is a more powerful spring compared to the KS2 and requires a more rigid and stable platform for optimum performance. I highly recommend making or having someone make for you a baseboard that is at least one inch thick and 2 x 2 feet wide. Check out this video:

Please note that the red connectors at the ends of the spring are screwed in and secured with a type of adhesive seal. If for any reason the adhesive seal is broken, please apply epoxy glue to the thread of the connector and screw it back in, leaving in for 24 hours to seal. Here's a link to the type of clear epoxy glue that is suitable for this:

Get the KS3 Cobra Bag Core Kit!

Want to get the complete cobra bag kit with this new spring? Just head over to the Cobra Bag Modules & Kits. Make sure to grab some sandbags if you need them.

Stay Tuned for More

More related KS3 videos are coming soon on my YouTube channel:, so make sure to subscribe!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Dirk W.
Thoughts on KS 3

In my opinion she makes more noise than the KS 2 because she is not rubber mounted, but the quality is high end. Very fast and staddy. But i wish for me the cobra bag a little higher for a longer range , you can make it smaler but not much higher. I am 183 cm in height.
Best regards and Greetings from Germany.

Hi Dirk, thank you for 5-star review! One thing I would recommend to increase the height is to add an extra layer or two to the baseboard - this will give you an inch or so extra height, plus it will make the base heavier and thus more rigid. The thicker the baseboard, the taller the overall height of the bag will be and the sturdier it will become.

David H.

Kewlus Cobra Bag Spring (KS3)

Nice upgrade

K3 is better than the K2 spring. Happy overall.

Fast and adaptable

Love it. The KS3 spring makes the bag faster, easier to adjust height and overall more fun to hit.

Joshua M.
Good quality

I picked one of these up for my first cobra bag. It feels of good quality, only gripe is one end wasn’t epoxied on at all.