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Genuine Leather Lace-Up Cobra Bag Ball

Genuine Leather Lace-Up Cobra Bag Ball

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The Kewlus leather lace-up ball has been made to take heavy punishment. The leather in this ball has been hand-stitched with a nylon thread for maximum durability. Although it takes a little longer to install compared to the zip-based balls, the lace-up system is much more robust. This ball is ideal for heavy hitters and experienced boxers. 

The leather itself is processed using azo free, eco-friendly dyes so it will not harm the environment or cause skin irritation on contact.

Note: when lacing up the ball it is very important to overlap the two sides slightly as show in the picture (and in the video). Leaving any gap in the lace-up section will create too much pressure on the seam just above the laces, and may cause it to split. If there's a tongue at the opening, make sure the tongue is on the outside of the Adapter and sits between the Adapter and the opening.

IMPORTANT: please ensure the ball is inflated properly when training. Punching a poorly inflated ball can cause damage to the adapter.

Watch this video to see how to install the Kewlus Ball Adapter:

Cobra Bag Assembly & Optimisation

Make sure to check out the Kewlus Cobra Bag assembly instructions and optimum setup tips: How To Set Up Your Cobra Bag Kit.

Cobra Bag Ball Performance Tips

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Boxing R.
Cobra Bag Ball: A Fitness Game Changer

Exceptional quality and durability come to mind! The Cobra Bag Ball is what I use for my freestanding Kewlus KS3 Cobra bag and it offers a unique workout experience, enhancing my speed, my precision, and my striking skills. The responsive rebound action of the Cobra Bag Ball provides an engaging and satisfying training session, improving hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and upper body strength. In conclusion, the Genuine Leather Cobra Bag Ball is a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking to elevate their fitness and striking abilities. – Jonathan Allen, Amateur Boxer and Coach (

Tim B.

Genuine Leather Cobra Bag/Ball

Team S.2.
Better than Fierce Cobra Bag

My Fierce cobra bag failed. Seam split. Could not get replacement from Fierce. Sold out. No availability date. No response from customer service. Found perfect substitute with Kewlus cobra bag. Perfect fit. Better quality. Extra bladder included. Will never buy Fierce brand again. Big mistake buying Fierce in first place.


Haven’t used yet but looks good

pedro m.
Cobra bag and ball

Leather's high quality and definitely takes some abuse. Highly recommend this product to anybody wanting to sharpen their boxing skills or just have some fun.


They work great and look great