Kewlus Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves

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These genuine leather boxing gloves have been made to last. Made from premium quality cowhide leather for the ultimate durability and flexibility. They will mould to your hands over time and provide the best punching experience as well as hand protection.

The padding is especially made for bag work. Made from high quality foam that will retain its firmness over time, it's constructed to offer a high level of protection and comfort. Together with a thumb lock and a wide strap that offers extra protection around the wrist, you'll feel you can go much harder with these gloves and get the most out of your bag sessions with minimum risk of injury.

It's highly recommended to use these gloves in conjunction with the 4.5m Kewlus Wraps. The inner lining of the gloves are made from material that will repel moisture so that it is retained in your wraps, allowing your gloves to stay dry for longer and be ready for your next session the following day. Palm air vents also help your gloves dry faster.

Size Recommendations

 Fighter Weight Recommended Size
Up to 100 LBS 10 oz
101 LBS - 150 LBS 12 oz
151 LBS - 175 LBS 14 oz
Over 175 LBS 16 oz

When you first put on these gloves they may feel a little tight and the inner lining inside may feel loose. Push out and spread out the inner lining with your fingers. Over the next few weeks the leather will stretch out a little and the gloves will begin to mould to your hands.