The KS3 Cobra Bag Spring Is Here!

The KS3 Cobra Bag Spring Is Here!

The KS3 Cobra Bag Spring is finally here! The first batch is limited in numbers and is available at a discount so that I can get some feedback from those of you who are early adopters. So if you're keen to get it early and try it out, go ahead and grab it before it is sold out.

It's an amazing spring, if I can say so myself. I'm most proud of the fact that with this spring you can set up the cobra bag for small kids as well as for adults. It can also now be used in the upside-down position or horizontally attached to a wall - something that no other cobra bag is capable of.

The KS3 is fully compatible with the Kewlus Cobra Bag Kit - just need to ensure your base is sturdy enough, as this spring is more powerful. Check out this post and video for the best type of baseboard for the KS3. If you don't already own a Kewlus Cobra Bag Kit, then you can buy the complete kit with the KS3 Spring here as a bundle and get a small discount.

Anyway, you probably just want to see it in action, so here's the release video:

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Got spring now that can handle my power blows with out snapping it works better than my fierce reflex bag faster it on scale higher than grodex on reach and speed

Barry Batiste

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