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Kewlus Platform Paddles (V2)

Kewlus Platform Paddles (V2)

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The set of 4 Platform Paddles are designed to plug straight into the Kewlus Multi Base (sold separately) and act as a platform for the Kewlus Cobra Bag that can be used instead of a baseboard. These Paddles are made from a composite fibre material for maximum rigidity and strength. Simply plug them in and secure them using the 8 screws that are included.

IMPORTANT: This version of the Paddles includes a chrome-coated screw and locking nut to lock the centre of the 4 Paddles to prevent flexing (see picture of the underside). Please ensure this screw and nut is firmly secured - watch the video below to see how.

The Kewlus Sandbags (sold separately) have been designed to match the width of the paddles, with the corner of each sandbag intended to be positioned directly on top of each Paddle. For maximum weight I recommend filling the sandbags to the very top with wet sand, using a large garbage bag to line the inside of each sandbag. For optimum rigidity and performance I highly recommend adding an Olympic weight, placed on top of the sandbags. The following video includes a section on setting up your base with these Paddles. It also shows ways you can improve rigidity and performance by adding a second deck using one or more weight plates:

Make sure to also check out the Kewlus Cobra Bag assembly instructions and optimum setup tips: How To Set Up Your Cobra Bag Kit.

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Customer Reviews

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Love all of Reedy’s stuff. If you want DIY he SHows YOU HOW. If you want pro looking and feeling products. He has that at great prices.

Base paddles.

They fit perfectly on the base. Paddles can be weighted down with the sandbags or plates or dumbbells. Whatever you want. Makes the Cobra bag easy to move around. Thank you.




Much lighter and more secure than the baseboard I made before. A little pricey but works great so far! Wish it came out first and then I could have gotten these instead of the suction cups