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Suction Cups (Limited Usage - Refer to Notes)

Suction Cups (Limited Usage - Refer to Notes)

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These double suction cup handles (set of 2) fit around the Kewlus Cobra Bag Multi Base, allowing you to stick your Kewlus Cobra Bag to a smooth surface such as a painted concrete floor. Please read the usage notes below carefully prior to ordering as they may not suit your situation.

Usage Notes:

Mainly For Painted Floors

Not all surfaces are suitable for suction cups, including porous surfaces such as unpainted concrete or surfaces with cracks, scratches or ridges. Even on some smooth surfaces such as tiles, linoleum or polished wood the suction cups may dislodge with heavy punches or not stick at all. I cannot guarantee that they will work on your floor surface. Failure to stick to your floor does not qualify for a refund. 

Predominantly they work on smoothly painted surfaces, such as a painted garage floor as demonstrated in the video below. For best results make sure the pads of the suction cups and the surface are clean, and allow some time for them to stay attached before starting the workout. If they dislodge during your session try wetting the pads to see if that keeps them stuck for longer.

Add a Second Deck

I highly recommend placing a pair of sandbags on top and adding a second deck using one or two Olympic weight plates - see the suction cup section of the Cobra Bag Base Setup video below. If they are getting dislodged during punching, then a second deck will help by restricting sideways movement of the Click Mast.

Great For Small Children

The Suction Cups work well for small children when used with the shortened KS3 Cobra Bag Kit, with the spring plugged directly into the Multi Base. With the shortened setup there is much less lateral force on the base and therefore they are more likely to stay stuck to the floor.

They are ideal for small children because of their small footprint. Smaller children will be able to get closer to the bag compared to a larger diameter base.

Inverted & Horizontal Cobra Bag

With the shortened version of the KS3 Cobra Bag, the suction cups can be also be used to stick the cobra bag to a laminated wall/ceiling surface. This opens new possibilities for using your Kewlus Cobra Bag:

How To Effectively Set Them Up

Please watch the Suction Cup section of this video on how to set them up:

Older videos related to the setting up and use of the suction cups:

Also make sure to check out the Kewlus Cobra Bag assembly instructions and optimum setup tips: How To Set Up Your Cobra Bag Kit.

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Customer Reviews

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Ryan M.
Super Convenient!

These suction cups have saved me from having to use a heavy base. I use them to set up the Kewlus cobra bag in my garage, where I painted a section of floor just for this purpose. Quick to set up and when I'm done smashing the cobra bag, they are easy to put away. I also use the suction cups to mount the cobra bag horizontally on a laminated board that I have attached to one of the garage walls. That way I can work on hooks and uppercuts, as well as my cardio.

Eduardo G.
Poor quality

Do not recommend this product very poor quality, even I try it on diferent floors, it work in some but once you punch the bag hard , they do not give the job

Hi Eduardo, sorry to hear that the suction cups are not staying stuck for you. They are mainly designed to work on painted floors, like a painted floor in the garage. Please try wetting the pads with a wet cloth prior to sticking them to the floor. Also ensure that the floor and the pads are really clean. Some people have placed olympic weights on top to help them stay stuck.