Cobra Bag Training: 10 Tips for Getting Started

Cobra Bag Training: 10 Tips for Getting Started

If you're new to using the Cobra Bag, here are my top 10 tips for a successful start. These tips will ensure you get the most from your cobra bag training sessions.

  1. Set the slowest speed for your cobra bag. With the Kewlus Cobra Bag this means setting the top section to the longest setting. If you have more than one of the Kewlus Cobra Bag balls, use the heavier ball. The slower speed will make it easier for you to get used to the movement of the ball.
  2. Set the height of the centre of the ball to be roughly level with your chin when standing upright in front of it. When you get into your boxing stance with legs apart and knees bent, the ball should be directly in front, so that you are punching straight and not on an upward angle.
  3. Check to ensure the ball is firmly inflated before starting your session. There are two key reasons for making sure your ball is nice and firm: firstly it will bounce off your gloves much better making the cobra bag perform better, and secondly a poorly inflated ball can cause the ball Adapter to rupture.
  4. Wear Boxing Gloves when training with the cobra bag. There are 3 key benefits for using boxing gloves over MMA gloves, wraps or going at it bare knuckled: firstly your hands will be protected in case you accidentally hit the hit the Adapter, secondly the cobra bag will perform much better due to the extra amount of bounce from the padding in your gloves, and thirdly the extra weight on your hands will help build your shoulder and arm muscles that are needed to keep your hands up.
  5. Set a wide, balanced stance with feet apart, knees bent and your front foot close to the base of the cobra bag. When you put your front arm straight out, it should slightly nudge the bag. Your outstretched out arm should be horizontal without any upward angle and pointing at the centre of the ball. Adjust the height of the ball if your outstretched arm is at an angle and not parallel to the ground.
  6. Start with very gentle taps of the ball with your leading glove. The ball will start oscillating back and forth slightly. Try not to hit it hard when you first start off. This will allow you to get used to the movement of the ball.
  7. Develop a rhythm with your gentle taps. Try tapping the ball every second time that it comes to you. Try bobbing with the movement of the ball - this might help you get a better feel for its rhythmic movement. It make take a few sessions/days to get into the rhythm of the motion of the ball. Don't rush it and let your body, your muscles and your mind adjust.
  8. Time your sessions/rounds with a periodic timer. You can download a session timer app for your phone where you can set the duration of each round, the resting period in between rounds and the number of rounds that you want to do in each session. Start with 2-minute rounds and 30-second breaks in between. Go for 2 or 3 rounds and see how you feel. As your cardio improves, increase the duration of the rounds and add more rounds to your session. Aim for doing 3-4 rounds at 3-minute each. With 3 to 4 such training sessions per week you should see great results.
  9. For your first few weeks focus more on technique rather than on power or speed. Getting the technique right is crucial during the learning stages. For example, it's easy to fall in the habit of dropping your hands on the return or leaving them down completely. Poor form leads to poor performance.
  10. Move. Movement is the key. Learn to move around the bag without bringing your feet together or crossing them. Try moving in and out - moving in to deliver a punch or a combo and then moving out of range (Floyd Mayweather style). Try being light on your feet by staying on the balls of your feet. Try moving in, punching and then bobbing to one site to let the ball pass you on the other side, while keeping your hands up (Mike Tyson style).

I hope you enjoy training with the cobra bag as much as I do. Let me know how you go progress with it by commenting in my video.

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