Kewlus Cobra Bag: Key Features and Components

Guys, this is it! World's first modular cobra bag that is part of an evolving modular training system for boxing and MMA.

The reflex training game is about to change.

Kewlus Cobra Bag Kit

Key Features:

  • Simple click-and-go system. Everything just clicks together.
  • Hot-swappable components. Swap to a smaller/faster bag mid-session, click-click!
  • Use the top section of the cobra bag as a training aid just like using a focus mitt. Hold it up for your opponent to punch and kick, while also using it to simulate strikes for your opponent to block or dodge.
  • Fully compatible with DIY (Do It Yourself) components like common PVC and galvanised pipes. You can modify, customise and enhance to suit your specific needs. Save money too!
  • Everything is adjustable, including height, reach and speed.
  • Multi-purpose and future-proof components. I have designed the key components so they can be used in many different ways. For example, the ClickBar can hold a bag at each end for combat training. It will also be used to extend the height of the mast for future add-ons like the Kewlus Spar Bar.

Here's the latest info on upcoming components and expected release dates:

Top Section Components:

  • Kewlus Leather Cobra Bag/Ball - this is the perfect size bag/ball that I had the manufacturer modify for optimum performance using genuine leather. The weight of this ball has been minimised while maintaining structural integrity. The opening has been slightly increased to allow for easy insertion of a DIY funnel or the Kewlus Speedball Adapter.
  • Kewlus PRO Spring - designed to offer the perfect weight-to-speed ratio for both DIY top section components (like using a rubber ball, funnel and PVC pipe) and Kewlus genuine components. I have designed this spring to work with common plumbing pipes, so that you can make your own PRO cobra punching bag at just a fraction of the cost of similar commercial bags.
  • Kewlus Speedball Adapter - this adapter has been design to fit perfectly inside of the Kewlus Speedball. With this adapter you will have the ability to adjust the length of the top section. Increase length to get longer reach and reduce length to get faster action.
  • Kewlus Click Bar - the Click Bar is an aluminium bar with heavy duty double spring buttons at both ends. One end simply clicks into the Speedball Adapter, the other into one of the Spring Caps. With the Click Bar you can change components with just a click. The full kit will contain a set of 2 identical Click Bars - one for the top section and one for the mast.
  • Kewlus Spring Caps - these rubber caps come in a set of 2 and have been designed to screw onto each end of the spring for easy mounting of the spring. With these on your spring you'll be able to simply click your spring onto your mast (Click Bar) and click the top section (also Click Bar) into the top of the spring. Upgrading to a new spring will be as simple as "click, click".

Base Components:

  • Kewlus Click Bar - the Click Bar is also used in the base. One end clicks into the bottom of the spring, while the other end clicks into the Click Mast.
  • Kewlus Click Mast - this is an aluminium shaft with holes at regular intervals and a spring button at one end. It's designed to simply click into the Kewlus Multi Base. The Click Mast and the Click Bar make for the perfect click-and-go height adjustment system.
  • Kewlus Multi Base (May 2022) - The Multi Base has been finalised and in the process of manufacture. It's now available for pre-order.
  • Double Suction Cups - these are great if you want to setup your cobra bag on large tiles, laminated flooring or even a laminated board which can be placed on carpet and weighed down with sand bags.
  • Base Stabilisers (May 2022) - set of 4 composite stabiliser feet designed to simply plug into the Multi Base for easy setup of your cobra bag on any surface, especially on carpet. Used in conjunction with the sand bags, which are placed over the stabilisers to hold down the base. These stabilisers eliminate the need for a base board.
  • Sand Bags - a set of 2 sand bags with handles. When filled with sand the combined weight is around 80-100 pounds.


My aim is to keep the prices of the components as low as possible while covering my costs of production and warehousing. You will also be able to replace most of the components with off-the-shelf DIY components like galvanised and PVC pipes to save money. I want everyone to be able to afford to have a Kewlus Cobra Bag.

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