How To Make a PRO Cobra Punching Bag Using the Kewlus PRO Spring

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How To Make a PRO Cobra Punching Bag Using the Kewlus PRO Spring


Now you can have the ultimate PRO boxing cobra punching bag that is better than any commercial cobra bag on the market at just a fraction of the cost! The key ingredient is the Kewlus Spring. In this DIY we use the Kewlus PRO Spring (KSR12PRO), which is the fastest and able to handle the heaviest punches.

One of the main advantages of the Kewlus Spring boxing cobra bag is the ability to adjust the speed of the bag. Want to make it really, really fast? Just lower the spring on the mast and the action becomes lightning fast!

Check out this video for how to put it together and to see it in action:

Items You Will Need & Options:

  • Kewlus PRO Spring (KSR12PRO) (US $49.95) - I designed and produced this spring specifically for the purpose, taking out all the guesswork. The PRO version is a heavier gage spring designed to be able to be used with a heavier bag if need be.
  • Base pipe (mast) - couple of options - Option 1: You can either simply use a single galvanised 3/4 inch pipe roughly half your height in length. The outer diameter of the pipe is 1.05 inches or 26.7mm and fits perfectly into the Kewlus Spring. Option 2: If you want a more sturdy platform, use a 2 foot section of 1 inch pipe at the base and a small section of 3/4 inch pipe to match your height. Going from 1 inch pipe to the 3/4 inch pipe you'll need a reducer. If you want to make a height-adjustable mast, check out this video:
  • Galvanised flange to fit the mast pipe, a set of nuts and bolts to fit the flange and an MDF board for your base - roughly 2 to 3 feel wide by 2 to 3 feet long and 3/4 inch thick. I used four 40mm (1.5") long M8 (5/16 inch) bolts and nuts to bolt on the flange. See video for preview. For the most stable solution you could bolt the galvanised flange to a concrete slab or concrete floor like in your garage.
  • Suction Cup Base (optional) - I use a suction cup base in my latest setup. Check out this video for detail on how to make a suction cup base that you can also use to make a wall cobra punching bag: Here's the PDF to cut out the shape you will need to make it:
  • Roll of wide duct tape.
  • PVC pipe - same outer diameter as the 3/4 inch galvanised pipe (1.05 inches or 26.7mm). Roughly 23 inches (or 58cm) - you can always cut it shorter later on if need be.
  • Two pool noodles.
  • Set of butterfly hose clamps (1.3" - 1.7" diameter) - here is a set on Amazon USA:

4-Step Instructions:

  1. Measure off and cut 20 inches of 3/4 inch PVC pipe that will form the arm of your punching bag. Cut a section of pool noodle to use as your punching bar base. I recommend about a foot. Slot it onto your PVC pipe until it goes all the way to the end. Take another section of pool noodle (roughly 18 inches) and split it lengthwise so you'll have two halves. Wrap these around the base section. Take a longer split section and wrap that around the base of the top ball. Finish by taping the whole shape from top to bottom until fully covered. It's best explained visually in the video above. This is your punching speed ball.
  2. Setup up your base by bolting the flange to the centre of your MDF board. The pipe should reach roughly to your hip. Note: for the PRO spring you need about 80 to 100 pounds of weight to ensure your base does not tip over. If you don't have weights, you can either use water containers or sand bags. For example 4 x 25 pound sand bags.
    If you want to make a height-adjustable mast, check out this video:
  3. Insert the Kewlus Spring onto the galvanised pipe so that it overlaps the pipe by one inch. Secure it in place using one of the butterfly clamps - you'll need to fully open the clamp to insert it between the coils of the spring.
  4. Insert the PVC pipe with your speed ball into the top of the spring and secure it using another hose clamp.
Good luck making it and hope you enjoy!

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