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KS3 Cobra Bag - Core Kit

KS3 Cobra Bag - Core Kit

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The KS3 Cobra Bag - Core Kit is perfect for those looking to create a custom base for their cobra bag to get the absolute maximum performance. Designed for top-tier speed and durability, this kit provides everything you need for high-intensity boxing reflex training. This is the actual kit used by world champion boxers like Tim Tszyu in Australia and the McKenna brothers in Ireland.

What's Included:

Custom Base Setup:

The Core Kit does NOT include the Platform Paddles, allowing you to create a custom base. This setup is ideal for advanced users seeking enhanced stability and performance. Check out the Advanced Cobra Bag Setup page and video for details. The recommended minimum weight for the base is 90 pounds (one pair of Sandbags), however adding a second pair of sandbags on top or an Olympic Sleeve with a weight plate will improve performance.

Height Range:

The height range of the cobra bag is roughly 4'8" (143 cm) to 5'7" (171 cm) from the floor to the top of the bag. This can be increased to suit taller fighters by making the base taller (gluing together more boards in the making of the base).

Convertible to Short Form:

The KS3 Cobra Bag can be converted to a shortened form, making the height range roughly 3'3" (100 cm) to 3'7" (110 cm). This form is ideal for smaller children or for mounting upside-down from the ceiling or horizontally on a wall.

Optional Add-Ons:

Product Features:

  • High Performance: Engineered for speed, power, and durability.
  • Modular Design: Customizable components for a tailored training experience.
  • Used by Champions: Trusted by world champion boxers for elite training.

For any queries or assistance, visit the Customer Support page. Additionally, Reedy's AI Assistant is available in the bottom right corner of the website to answer almost all questions. If he can't answer a question, you can contact me via the Contact page.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Victor V.
KS3 Cobra Bag

I love this Reflex Bag! The Kobra Bags from Reedy Kewlus have come a long way! I remember using the red spring with total DIY equipment. This new one is the best. Its perfect and I love it. Thank you Reedy Kewlus for making an affordable Reflex Bag!

Khalil S.
Great product

Good support and Service

Daniel D.

Exactly what I wanted, was a bit concerned with it being click together but shouldn't have been, very well engineered and well worth the money.

Ozhan A.

The only think I would wish for is slightly heavier ball. It would be amazing if I could buy a different ball for different work purposes. Like keelus XL ball, because I love working with 16 oz on cobra bag and double end bags, having a slightly bigger ball (probably not more than 3 oz heavier) would be great

Thank you for the great review and the feedback. Try taping some wide electrical tape or duct tape (stretchy type of tape) around the base of the ball - it will add extra weight and strengthen the ball in that area at the same time. The more tape you wrap, the heavier it will get.

Brett M.
Worth every penny

I had been shopping around for a decent cobra bag and stumbled across the KS3. The quality is fantastic and the spring gives a higher end challenge than any other pieces of equipment in the same price range.

Miguel M.
KS3 Cobra Bag

I'm very happy with my purchase of KS3 COBRA BAG, the material is very good and strong is made it to last a lot of years...
Amazing workouts 🥊🥊🥊
I love it.